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Environmental Protection Policy

Through its coating care activities, Shinto Paint provides clean, healthy and refreshing environment.

The 21st century is called as the "Century of Environment", and Shinto Paint is continuously striving to protect the natural environment by offering "Refreshing Environment" with our eco-friendly products.

Shinto Paint is known as an industry leader for its water-based paints, introducing these eco-friendly products to the market as a pioneer. Our company has pro-actively contributed to environment protection through effective measures to successfully prevent pollution, save energy, and reduce waste.

In January 2002, the entire company (the three sites in Chiba, Tokyo, and Amagasaki) was certified for the ISO 14001 international standard for environmental management systems. In combination with already acquires ISO 9001 quality management system, the Company completed achievement of both quality and environmental certifications.

On February 1, 2002, Shinto Paint declared its commitment to the Coating Care Initiative, which has been proposed and advocated by the Japan Paint Manufacturers Association as the paint industry's version of the Responsible Care Initiative.

Through the maintenance of its ISO 14001 certification and our activities to the Coating Care Initiative, Shinto Paint will perform its corporate social responsibility and pro-actively protect the environment.

Basic Management Policy Regarding Quality, Safety, and the Environment

Shinto Paint places prime importance on trust and integrity, and crystallize expertise and dynamism of all employees in developing, manufacturing, and offering products that the society needs. Our goal is to contribute to social development and the betterment of human life. Based on this philosophy, Shinto Paint focuses on the following initiatives to ensure quality, safety, and environmental care in all business phases from product development, production, distribution up to sales.

  • Offer quality products and services that give customers' satisfaction and reassurance.
  • Remain constantly free of on-the-job accidents and calamities in order to ensure safety for employees and local communities.
  • Ensure safety of raw materials and products so as to protect health of customers, consumers, employees and people involved in product distribution process.
  • Pro-actively protect the environment by constantly assessing and reducing the environmental impact of products throughout their entire lifecycle, from development to final disposal.。

All company divisions and employees are required to be aware of the importance of this Basic Management Policy Regarding Quality, Safety, and the Environment. In addition to compliance with all legal requirements, we will pro-actively carry out voluntary measures aiming to relentlessly pursue improvement.

Road to ISO Certification

ISO standard Date certified Base name
ISO 9002

July 1997

Amagasaki Plant

ISO 9002

February 1999

Chiba Plant

ISO 9001

July 2000

Amagasaki Office, Tokyo Office, Chiba Office

ISO 9001

March 2003

Amagasaki Office, Chiba Office, Tokyo Office, Nagoya Office

ISO 14001

January 2001

Chiba Office

ISO 14001

January 2002

Tokyo Office, Amagasaki Office